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Medical Online Technology – MEDLINETEC is a technology services company that operates in the field of e-health and telemedicine. Its main areas of activity are:

  • Research and development in new technological solutions that optimize hospital resources through the intelligent use of Information and Communication Technologies.
  • The development of telemedical control and monitoring hardware and software.
  • The integration of electro-medical equipment at international level.
  • Automation and optimization of medical-hospital processes.
  • Maintenance and management of technological healthcare services.
  • Training and consulting in technology applied to the medical-health sector.

At the forefront of medical care

Medical Online Technology – MEDLINETEC focuses its efforts on developing innovative solutions for the medical and healthcare sector and health services, with the aim of optimising healthcare resources, improving patient care and lowering costs. MEDLINETEC uses Information and Communications technologies, as well as cutting-edge electromedical equipment, in an intelligent way.

MEDLINETEC has developed and marketed an innovative technological solution for the telemedical assistance for patients in their homes and health centers.

The MEDLINETEC system even allows for the direct transfer of chronically ill patients dependent on technology from hospital intensive care units to their homes, achieving significant benefits for the patient and their family, while maintaining quality care at a lower cost.

This pioneering solution has been successfully implemented for more than ten years in pediatric patients in Hospital Intensive Care Units, and it is currently in service in patients with various chronic pathologies. Medical Online Technology was selected as an example of innovation at the European Commission's EUROPE INNOVA 2006 «Innovation Exhibition».

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