Research, development and innovation

Investigation and development

Medical Online Technology – MEDLINETEC invests a significant part of its resources in Research and Development, focusing its main efforts on new equipment and monitoring and control systems, as well as innovative solutions for diagnosis and optimisation of medical care.

To this end, MEDLINETEC collaborates with technological and research centres, companies, hospitals and universities, at national and international level.

These developments allow MEDLINETEC to be at the forefront of the integration of new electromedical technologies, and solutions in e-Health and Telemedicine, as well as to provide innovative solutions for the optimal automation, exploitation and management of technological medical assistance services.

Custom development and innovation

Medical Online Technology relies on the collaboration of medical technicians and specialists who validate the medical and healthcare usefulness of its technological solutions, as well as experts in the interconnection of medical devices and the development of new equipment and computer programs useful for the medical-care community.

MEDLINETEC can help you to materialize any idea or solve any problem that allows you to improve healthcare in the field of ICTs and medical equipment.

Training and technological consulting.

MEDLINETEC provides its clients with customized training and specialized consulting in their field of activity.

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