Medical Online Technology: innovation, ethics and professionalism


Medical Online Technology – MEDLINETEC was born as an innovation project in 2005 in response to the challenge of providing a better quality of life, maintaining the quality of care and reducing the costs of chronic patients dependent on technology in the Pediatric Intensive Care Units of Hospitals.

The first patient was a two-year-old boy who had been living in the hospital since birth. His parents could only see him during scheduled visits. Thanks to the Medlinetec system, this patient was able to move to his home 30 km away, as if he were another room in the hospital. After the success achieved by the system with this first patient, the achievement of the established objectives and, with the hope of being able to make this system available to a greater number of people, Medical Online Technology – MEDLINETEC was created in 2006.

Since then, Medical Online Technology – MEDLINETEC has had continuous growth, and has positioned itself as a leader in home monitoring of technology-dependent patients, while developing new applications and services through the application of Information and Communication Technologies to the medical and healthcare sector.

Recognition and participation

Medical Online Technology was selected as an example of innovation in «Europe Innova 2006» from the European Commission. It participates regularly in various national and international forums such as the European Week of Regions and Municipalities «Open Days» from Brussels or the «ICT and regional innovation – best practices in e-health» from the Andalusian Government, INTEL and the Committee of the Regions of the European Union. In 2009, it was a sponsor of the XXIV National Congress of the Spanish Society of Pediatric Intensive Care (SECIP) and participated in the 1st Health and Wellbeing Fair of the Valencian Community (Spain).

In 2010, Medical Online Technology participated in the MEDICA 2010 International Fair in Dusseldorf (Germany) and carried out telemedical monitoring and control over a distance of more than 17,000 km, monitoring a patient in Sydney (Australia) from Valencia (Spain).

Today, MEDLINETEC is based in Valencia and serves a growing customer base in Spain. It is currently beginning to open up to other European markets.

Business philosophy

Medical Online Technology is committed not only to providing excellent service to its clients that improves the quality of life of patients, but also to being ethically responsible, devoting a significant part of its resources to R&D and to aid programs for the most disadvantaged.


The company is committed to using natural resources in the most efficient way and to using energy responsibly, in favour of sustainable development.

Social commitment

The company collaborates with organizations that help those most in need, both in Spain and in third world countries.

Legal compliance

The company is committed to fully complying with the legal and regulatory provisions of each country in which it operates.

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