Medlinecare System

Assisting patients anywhere, in real time

MEDLINETEC's telemedical system groups real-time data from patients located in different locations on a single monitor for the medical team.

The flexibility of the technology offers the possibility of monitoring patients anywhere, from the hospital itself, a remote hospital, the patient's home, or other locations.

The company currently markets three monitoring solutions:

4M Technology

Medlinetec technology is characterized by its flexibility and adaptability to customer needs, and as a 4M technology:

  • Multipatient: allows simultaneous and real-time monitoring of multiple patients.
  • Multiparameter: new parameters can be incorporated into the system at the request of the medical team, depending on the needs of their patients. Read more…
  • Multilocation: allows monitoring of patients with different locations on a single platform.
  • Multibrand: it incorporates equipment from different manufacturers (Dräeger, General Electric, Mindray, Medtronic, Masimo…), allowing you to take advantage of existing compatible equipment and avoid depending on a single supplier.
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