Home telemedicine system

Happier families and high quality care at a lower cost.

The MEDLINECARE system in the home setting, it is an innovative solution that avoids prolonged stays in hospitals for chronic patients dependent on technology, bringing the Intensive Care Unit to the patient's home.

This solution brings significant family, social and economic benefits, while maintaining the quality of care.

Transferring these patients to their homes significantly improves their quality of life, avoiding traumatic hospital experiences.

The Medlinecare telemedicine system facilitates patient rest and recovery, minimizing stress levels and infection risks in the hospital environment. Returning to a normal life schedule favors family reorganization with minimal involvement of external personnel in the home.

Lower healthcare costs

The system allows for a significant reduction in healthcare costs for this type of patient, optimising available hospital resources.

Service guarantee

The system has been successfully tested for more than ten years in pediatric patients in Hospital Intensive Care Units, and is currently in service in patients with various chronic pathologies.

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